Elizabethan Collar: Five


23"w x 6"h x 21"d

Elizabethan Collar: Four


23"w x 6"h x 21"d


Pewter, brass, wood, paint

7'w x 2.5'h x 7'd

Elizabethan Collar, one

Silver, titanium

20"w x 17"h x 13"d

Territorial Defense

While studying abroad in Scotland, I became fascinated with the extravagant apparel worn by Queen Elizabeth I of England.  During her successful reign as monarch, Elizabeth I chose to adorn herself in clothing that made her the visual center of a crowd. Her prodigious gowns and jewelry enlarged her presence physically and asserted her dominance over her subjects—including the many men who wished to usurp her power.  As with most women, not all of my interactions with men in social situations have been positive. Although the majority of the men I have encountered throughout my life have been respectful, I have also met several that have been physically and verbally aggressive.  Finding this behavior to be a common irritation for many women, I began to imagine ways a woman could establish personal boundaries.

 In Territorial Defense, my work blends this psychology of adornment with my own need for personal safety. This series addresses the feelings of frustration and anger generated by gender power struggles as well as the violation, insecurity, and fear caused by disrespectful interactions.

Personal Space: Aluminum

Aluminum, paint

30"w x 72"h x 30"d

Personal Space: Crinoline

1800 sq. yards of nylon netting

9'w x 5'h x 9'd

Shy, also titled Ruff

Copper, prismacolor

14"w x 20"h x 24"d

Elizabethan Collar, two

Copper, prismacolor

54"w x 5"h x 54"d

Plumage, also titled Partlet

Copper, prismacolor

36"w x 26"h x 17"d



Elizabethan Corset

Copper, prismacolor

16"w x 36"h x 11"d

Elizabethan Collar, three


50"w x 15"h x 50"d

Fence, also titled Rebato


14"w x 38"h x 24"d